Possum Facts

JUNE 19, 2020 FROM predatorfreenz.org Brushtail possums are marsupials from Australia. In 1837 some of New Zealand’s early european settlers brought Australian possums to New Zealand hoping to start a fur industry. These first possums did not survive, but people kept trying. The first possum population to survive was in Southland in 1858. In 1921 the Government made … More Possum Facts

Study reveals rare birds in ruru diet

DECEMBER 12, 2019 BY KATE GUTHRIE The ruru (morepork) is a predator – but it’s certainly not on the ‘predator-free’ hit list. Those slots are just for introduced mammal predators which haven’t co-evolved with our vulnerable native species. Ruru do prey on other native wildlife however, including endangered species, as a recent study carried out on Tiritiri … More Study reveals rare birds in ruru diet